Our Legacy


Finally, years later... Jennifer Fresard brings 'Detroit Muscle' to the beach.

Come meet our family, and let us introduce you to the 'Classic' way of doing business... 

Integrity, honesty, transperancy, and good ole fashion dealing...


Meet Jennifer Fresard - Owner, CEO

Born & raised in the Motor City, the Fresard family has roots in the automotive industry which go back for many generations. Customers, friends, family & almost everyone jokingly says oil runs through Jennifer's veins and gasoline fuels her passion for collector cars. Some of Jennier’s fondest memories as a child are cruising the streets of Detroit in her dad’s gorgeous Pontiac Firebird with the windows down, the summer wind blowing in her face while singing along to Frankie Valli playing on the radio. Jennifer often says “For me, It only felt right to follow in my fathers footsteps and sell cars, I’m blessed to have an opportunity to carve out my own chapter within my family's heritage. Delray Beach Motors (DBM) has given me the benefit to chase my goals, love what I do, the dedication to work extremely hard, the determination to be the strong woman my father raised me to be, and the gift to live out a lifelong dream everyday”.

Meet Edward Oski, The Man 

Soon he will write his bio....

Meet Micaylea Creech - Office babe - Jennifers Mini-ME

Just meet her, you'll be mind blown. More details coming soon

Meet Bailey Oski, Tripel OG aka Marketing Guru

Soon he will write his bio....

Meet Jordan, Baby Shoots - Salesman in training

Soon WE will write his bio....

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